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Holy Spirit High School
Performing Arts Center



Please Read Carefully!


1.  Age for contestants is 12 through adult.  All performers whether solo or in a group must   

     meet the age requirement. In addition, there will be only 25 performers for the 2017 event.      Please enter as soon as you can!


2.  Performances may include singing, instrumental, comedy, magic and dance. Additional

     forms of entertainment may be permitted upon approval by the Talent Committee.  No lip

     syncing, gymnastics or pyrotechnics will be allowed.  No special effects other than lighting

     will be provided so you must bring your own props if needed.  Only instrumental

     accompaniment will be allowed.  No auto tune.


3.  All registrations must be accompanied by a video or link to a site where a sample of the

     actual performance can be viewed.  Email the link to If the            video submission is not inclusive of the performance, it may be necessary to have live              auditions.


4.  If your act is approved you will be contacted to appear at a dress rehearsal.  You will be            provided with complete instructions including the time and location.


5.  There is a non-refundable registration fee of $10 (per act, not performer) that must be

     included with your form.

6.  ALL registrations MUST BE RECEIVED BY DATE TBA . Please make payment via                PayPal or mail check to:

     Absecon Cultural Arts Alliance

     P.S. Box 1692

     Absecon, NJ 08201


7.  You may contact if you have questions.


All Proceeds Will Further the Mission of The Absecon Cultural Arts Alliance

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